Lt. H. H. Cook

Bvt. 2d Lt. Henry Howe Cook
Co. I, 44th Tennessee Infantry

The 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was first organized at Camp Trousdale, Tennessee, on December 16th, 1861.   After the 44th suffered heavy losses at Shiloh, the regiment was consolidated with the 55th (McKoin's) Tennessee Infantry, a regiment which had also suffered heavily at that battle, and the two regiments were then reorganized and designated as the 44th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry.

The 44th Infantry then fought in all the battles of the Army of Tennessee through Chickamauga.   After that battle, the regiment was assigned to Longstreet's Corps, and participated in the Knoxville campaign.  It's final duties involved long months in and around the defenses of Petersburg, Virginia. On 2 April,1865, the 44th's position in the lines was over-run, and most of the regiment was captured.   The few that escaped surrendered with Lee at Appomattox.

It is the purpose of the authors of these pages that they be dedicated as a memorial to the officers and men of the 44th Regiment, some of whom were our ancestors, and all of whom deserve to be recognized and remembered for their service to their home, their state, and their nation.   It is also hoped that these pages will serve as a reliable reference for those persons who may be researching their own family histories, as well as those with an interest in the lives and honourable deeds of the Confederate Soldier.

Flag of the 44th Tenn.

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