The 51st Tennessee Infantry Regiment



By Pvt. Preston Todd, Authenticity Committee

Uniform Regulations for Western Theater Confederate Impression
KepiJean cloth only
HatMust be of civilian style only (no tri-corner or tophat). Slouch, pork pie, etc. Prefer either black, brown or gray color.
Shell JacketJean cloth only. Mobile, Columbus, or Georgia depot, or generic 'mystery' depot. Preferred color is taupe-on-brown.
PantsConfederate jean cloth or civilian (no sky blue for CS impression)
ShirtMust be of appropriate construction. Civilian patter only (no plain white shirts). If a particular event requires a battleshirt, it must be worn over civilian shirt like a jacket
ShoesMilitary or civilian style. No modern shoes or work boots
Socks100% wool or cotton only (no modern socks)
Cartridge BoxEither CS or Federal issue
Cap BoxEither CS or US issue
BeltBlack leather or painted canvas also ok
Belt Buckle"CS" oval, "VS" square, Georgia Frame, Forked Tongue, or Tennessee militia style
HaversackWhite canvas (CS) or black tarred (Federal)
CanteenTin drum or wooden. Federal smoothside accepted but discouraged
BlanketPeriod pattern of wool, jean cloth, or cloth
KnapsackHighly recommended. Should be of Confederate issue (Mexican war, issac & campbell, single pack, kibbler) or Federal double bag
Weapon3-band Enfield or Springfield. (sling optional). Bayonet required
TentA-frame for early war events; shelter half or campaigning highly encouraged for mid- to late war years
Uniform Regulations for Western Theater Union Impression
HatCivilian slouch (brown or black). Hardee hat highly recommended
Forage capmust be made out of thin indigo blue material of appropriate construction. (no kepi's for enlisted men, unless specified for early war event)
Jacket4-button sack coat, must be made out of thin material (lined or unlined)
TrousersRegulation federal sky blue trousers of appropriate construction
ShirtFederal issue shirts are encouraged but CS as above is ok
ShoesMilitary brogans, as above

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