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dedicated to honoring all Confederate Veterans.

The pages of this site are dedicated to honoring those veterans who spent their last days at
"The Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Home".

The Sons of Confederate Veterans "Col. Randal W. McGavock" camp honors the South's veterans who honorably served the Confederate State's cause during the War of Northern Aggression. The veterans listed in these pages are a only part of those who spent there elderly days at the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers retirement home located east of the city Nashville, Tennessee. The retirement home was located on the grounds of the late President Andrew Jackson's home "The Hermitage". The veterans listed here are those who were buried on the grounds of the Hermitage in the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Cemetery.

These veterans served for the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. They all varied in rank, and the companies they served. The listing pages provide all of the information recorded on each veteran's head stone. Each veteran's head stone can be viewed by clicking on the veteran's surname name in the list. The information gathered here is free to the public and researchers for copying but is not for commercial use or profit. We provide these pages to publicly honor the memory of these soldiers, their service, and their sacrifices. We want their service to a Nation they loved and believed in never to be forgotten. We the "Son's of Confederate Veterans" salute these men.

These 483 veterans are buried in the "Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Cemetery", located on the grounds of "The Hermitage" property along Highway 70 in Hermitage, Tennessee. The members of the Col. Randal W. McGavock camp are charged to maintain the appearance of the marker stones and the grounds they are on. We appreciate the assistance and support of the "The Hermitage Association" and wish to give recognition to their endless efforts in preserving our history.

We have also provided pictures of the cemetery grounds and the center monument and gate placed there by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. We would also like to give thanks to these ladies in there preservation efforts to honor these great men and the Confederate Heritage.


The veteran's graves are laid out in a circle around the center monument, with four paths extending out from the monument void of graves. This layout is intended to represent the Saint Andrews cross, like an "X". An aerial view would show the cross with the graves roughly positioned on the North, East, South, or West side of the center monument. The solders listing like the cemetery is divided into the four quadrants. Each list starts with the first row closest to the center stone monument and works out ward by rows. The first stone of each row reads from left to right.
Pass your curser over the buttons located to the left of the descriptions shown below and click on it to view the listing of each quadrant. Once on the page you may click on the soldier last name to viewhis head stone. We thank you for visiting our web site and invite y'all to come back any time.


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