By Mark Cornwell, Senior Columnist - Signal Online Georgia State University - Student Newspaper


Did you know that there is a president that conservative Virginians hate more than Bill Clinton? You guessed it: Abraham Lincoln.

Yep. Honest Abe is persona non grata in the state of presidents.

The National Park Service is planning to place a statue of Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad, on the grounds of the arsenal at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Va., the former capital of the Confederacy.

And wouldn't you know it? The same group of nimrods that want to place the Confederate battle emblem back on Georgia's state flag (the Sons of Confederate Veterans) are outraged that a statue of such a terrible man is going to be placed in the heart of their historic delusion.

A letter to the editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch vividly depicts the outrage over the statue. The letter reads, in part, that placing such a statue in the city is as provocative as installing a statue of Osama bin Laden in downtown New York. Whaaaaaa?

Is that really what you want to say? Anyone who thinks that is a persuasive statement is missing his calling as a speechwriter for David Duke.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are a century-old group that claims to promote southern heritage and thinks that their version of history should play a bigger role in the perception of southerners nationwide.

As a southerner, I hope to God that never happens.
Why do I hate the Sons so much? Lets just call it being patriotic.

You see, some branches of this group are now refusing to fly the U.S. flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance.

There is even a split forming in North Carolina as a group calling themselves "Save the SCV" try to purge leaders with ties to known white supremacist groups such as the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens.

They are receiving numerous threats from their former brethren for their effort to rid the Sons of racists.

The Sons consider anything that doesn't jive with their skewed worldview as an attack by liberals on their precious heritage.
Brandon "Brag" Bowling, Virginia commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said that the Park Service is trying to rewrite history by demonizing the Confederacy

and deifying Lincoln. He said this glosses over southern suffering at the hands of Lincoln.

Southern suffering at the hands of Lincoln? I know that the war and reconstruction was tough, but try slavery on for size Jack, -- I mean Brandon!

If the Sons would admit that slavery was an abomination and that their ancestors were morally bankrupt with a Bible in their hands, then maybe I would care about southern suffering at the hands of Lincoln.

Chris Vanlandingham, writing for the Sierra Times, had this to say: "The Confederacy scares the elite in Washington because it represents freedom from tyranny and from an oppressive federal government. We must stand up and fight this statue and everything it represents."

The Confederacy represents freedom from tyranny? Do any of my African American friends out there have any thoughts on that statement?

But since the Confederacy only considered white people as human, raping, killing and selling blacks didn't represent tyranny. In the Confederacy, that behavior was sound business practice.

So let's get behind the Sons and honor the Confederacy. And while we're at it, let's honor Hitler and Stalin and Hussein, all of the guys who torture and kill their own people because that is the legacy of the Confederacy as much as anything else.

The fact that these idiots consider a real hero, the man who freed the slaves, a tyrant and don't want a statue of him in their town shows how little they have learned from the mistakes of the past and how much they deserve scorn and ridicule today.
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"Nothing fills me with deeper sadness than to see a Southerner apologizing for the defense we made of our inheritance."

Jefferson Davis