Dibrell Day in Sparta, Tennessee

On Saturday July 20, 2002 the Dillard-Judd Camp 1828 of Cookeville, Tennessee hosted the first annual Gen. George G. Dibrell day in Sparta, Tennessee. The event which was held in the City of Sparta Amphitheater attracted 150 well wishers and attendees. We also had in our group a small contingent of our African-American brothers that was there to "observe".
On the Friday prior to the event, we had received a phone call from the City Administrator advising that they had received an "inquiry" as to the SCV using the city owned amphitheater. The city administrator advised us that they were canceling our contract as to the use of the facility. After numerous phone calls to the Sparta City Hall, the city administrator and the Mayor of Sparta, they relinquished and decided to honor the contract. The Dillard-Judd Camp would like to thank all of those that stood the ground with us, by making these phone calls, especially our friend Russell Bailey, who has been with us from the beginning.

During the entertainment portion of the day, at the amphitheater, our Ken Tyler 2nd Lt. Commander of the Camp spoke on our mission along with Ed Butler, Tennessee Division Heritage Chairman. Mr. Butler asked for questions from the crowd, which there were a couple to which he responded eloquently, thus quelling any further questions. Events such as this allow the SCV to branch out into areas that are not currently represented. The actual memorial had 100 attendees, with descendants of the General speaking and in attendance. We thank the Hamby Camp from Crossville for their assistance along with the Meyers-Zollicoffer Camp of Overton County.

Hats off to all that participated, attended and particularly to Ken Tyler, of the Dillard-Judd Camp, who organized this event.

With the successful conclusion of this event we have in hand 4 new members for a White County Camp and several excellent prospects. This will now be the second camp that the Dillard-Judd Camp has initiated in the Upper Cumberland area.
A special thank you to Skip Earle, Tennessee Division Commander, for his presence and inspiring words during the memorial service. We are behind Commander Earle in his challenge to "Double the Division."


David C. Daniels,
Adjutant / Editor



National Convention News

It is my pleasure to announce the following:
Ronnie Gene "Ron" Wilson of South Carolina has been elected Commander in Chief and Denne Sweeney of Texas has been elected Lt. Commander in Chief.

The following Army Commanders were elected:
AOT - Commander - Allen M. Trapp (GA)
Councilman - Thomas Tarry Beasley, II (TN)
ATM - Commander - John C. Perry (TX)
Councilman - Mark Lea (Beau) Cantrell (OK)
ANV - Commander - Charles Hawks (NC)
Councilman - Henry Kidd (VA)
Resolutions passed

· Condemn misuse of Confederate flag by racist groups and take legal action to prevent such.

· No member is authorized to attack fellow member in media; if done, organizational retribution authorized.

· Resolution to create Confederate Cavalry Corps with Corps museum at N.B. Forrest Boyhood home.

International Award Winners

· Camp of the Year -
2nd Texas Frontier Camp, # 1904 of DeLeon, Texas
· Best SCV Website: Tennessee Division
Allen Sullivant, Webmaster
· Camp with greatest gain in members: TIE
#1939 Savannah, TN - 59 members
#1423 Egbert Ross, Charlotte, NC - 59 members
· Division with greatest gain in camps: MS with 7
Army with greatest gain in camps: ATM with 12
· Individual that recruited greatest number of members:
Allen Ashley of SC with 67 new recruits
· Best Newsletter: Less than 50 members:
15th Regt. SC Vol. newsletter, Lexington, SC
More than 50: Gen. James Longstreet Camp, GA
· Division newsletter: AR "The Southern Guardian"
· Best Historical project: BG B.E. Bee Camp in Atkin, S.C. for the reenactment of the "Battle of Atkin, SC"
· Scrapbook:
More than 50 members -Richard Taylor Camp Louisiana
Less than 50 members J. M. Barton #441, Arkansas
The 2003 reunion will be in Asheville, North Carolina. July 30 - August 2, 2003.
Their website is: www.scvasheville2003.org

Respectfully submitted:

David C. Daniels, Adjutant / Editor