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Concerning our Confederate symbols' presence in the north - It seems to me as well that more battle flags fly 'up yonder' than around here. That's a shame. For example - a couple of weeks ago, I was in Virginia City, Nevada where I saw more battle flags displayed than I ever have in Nashville. But the most surprising of all is the fact that the westernmost interstate highway in the continental U.S. coming from Canada (I-5) is named in honor of our President, Jefferson Davis. While waiting to re-enter the U.S. on a trip to Vancouver, I saw a stone marker inscribed as such that had been placed by the local UDC chapter. If I am not mistaken, that marker is actually on the Canadian side.

Concerning Al Gore; his ancestral roots are in my home county of Overton, where at least one of his Confederate ancestors is buried. Apparently it matters little to him. This malaise is a prevalent attitude among our 'enlightened' brethren. Personally, I have more respect for a full-blooded yankee than I do for a man of the South who betrays his ancestors' honor.

As this is my first post to the group, I should add a few notes concerning our new camp. With the help of many good men, especially those of the honorable Dillard-Judd camp in nearby Cookeville, Putnam County, our camp has been formed in Overton County, with twenty strong at present. It's about time. The role our region played in the War has been long forgotten and ignored for too long. Overton County was the first and last outpost of the Confederacy in Middle TN - to the north (at the time) lay Ky. to our east, overwhelmingly unionist Fentress, Morgan, Scott, etc. But Overton County was solid in her support for the South (as shown in the strong county vote in support of secession) According to one report, after the firing on Sumter, the mayor of Livingston proclaimed that all houses in town be illuminated in support of our sister state, South Carolina - as a consequence, all but two homes were lit (one family was out of town, the other was fixin' to be shown the way out). Our county had two Confederate camps: Zollicoffer and Myers. The 25th and 28th TN infantry, as well as the 8th (Dibrell's) TN cavalry was formally organized at Zollicoffer. Myers (named after an Overton


Countian, a Captain during the War, and the last surviving Mexican War veteran in the U.S.) was a camp of instruction, where the 25th and 28th along with other units trained for battle. Four colonels, one Confederate congressman, and scores of patriots from our small county served the Cause.

As a 6th generation Overton Countian and proud descendent of men in each of these three units, I am honored to be among this group, and I'm ready to fight the good fight - but not among ourselves, gentlemen.

R. Brian Lewis, Commander, Myers-Zollicoffer 1990

Election results


CNN / ABC / CBS / NBC and FOX have announced that they are revisiting the outcome of the United States Civil War - it appears that it was too close to call and the South may still have a chance. Documents were found that support the fact that some people joined the wrong side - apparently they weren't aware that their states were in the South and they were fighting for the North. Likewise additional documents were discovered in northern ballot boxes that were miscounted indicating that Union enlistees voted "FOR" the Constitution and yet consequently joined the wrong side.

A recount of all the battles are now being simulated with new populations, via computer, to see who would have actually won. Right now it's just too close to call.

Both the Union and the Confederacy are claiming

One Nation under … ?

Comedian Robin Williams has a solution for the flap over saying "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Change it to "One Nation, under Canada, and above Mexico..."

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