Most recently we were the catalyst to have the " Skirmish at Carroll Station " marked with a Tennessee Historical Marker.

We are also working with Shiloh on their erosion problem. The river is eating important ground away. If you live outside Tennessee, contact your Senator or Representative about this support. millions of dollars are needed but Shiloh is valuable. JOIN US!

John B. Ingram #219 and battle of Shiloh #1454 were partners in erecting the pole which flies the Confederate First National Flag over Confederate Burial Trench #3 at Shiloh. We are in the process of funding an endowment for perpetual care to keep the memorial flying for the next 100 years. We periodically auction or sell the flags, which have flown over the grave site. These are coded and marked indicating dates flown. All donations or inquires about auctions of sales of the Shiloh Flag should be directed to:
Shiloh Flag Endowment
P.O. Box 7684
Jackson, Tennessee 38308