Nathan Bedford Forrest:  Nathan Bedford Forrest, B. 13 July 1821 D. 29 October 1877, was born in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He had very little formal education and no military training of any kind.  Before the WBTS he rose from poverty to become a very successful businessman.  During the WBTS he rose from a Private to a Lt. General.  Military historians and students worldwide study his brilliant tactical skills.  After the war he was a successful planter and railroad president.  He is buried in Memphis, Tenn.



Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner:  Simon Bolivar Buckner, B. 1 April 1823 D. 8 January 1914, was born in Hart County, Kentucky.  He graduated in the Class of 1844 from West Point Military Academy where he graduated 11th in his class.  He was in the Mexican War and was an instructor as West Point.  He resigned his commission in the Union Army in 1855.  He was a businessman in Chicago, Illinois and was Adjutant General of Kentucky.  During the WBTS he rose from a Brig. General to a Lt. General.  After the WBTS he was a newspaper editor, Governor of Kentucky (1887 – 1892); and Vice Presidential nominee in 1896.  he is buried in State Cemetery, Frankfurt, Kentucky.


Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston:  Albert Sidney Johnston, B. 2 February 1803 D. 6 April 1862, was born in Washington, Kentucky.  He graduate in the Class of 1826 at West Point Military Academy and was 8th in his Class.  Before the WBTS he was in the Blackhawk War, he held numerous Army positions, and on 3 May 1861 resigned his commission from the Union Army.  He was a Full General in the Confederate Army.  He commanded all Confederate troops West of the Allegheny Mountains.  He was mortally wounded during The Battle of Shiloh in April 1862.  He is buried in State Cemetery, Austin, Texas.




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