Events: Others
Category: Confederate Letters
Origin: Noble L. Stone
Location: Jackson County
Description: Noble L. Stone Letter - 2/2/1862


Nobel L. Stone enlisted in Co. A, "The Thompson Creek Grays," in 1861. This unit became a part of the 37th Tennessee Infantry. On Feb. 2, 1862, Stone wrote to his parents.

A Friend
State of Tennessee
Jackson County

2 February 1862

D ear Father: I embrace the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hoping these lines will find you enjoying the same blessing. I have nothing of interest to relate. I am quite well. We have had a hard time in our retreat from Mill Spring to this place. We lost a great deal of clothing, food, horses, wagons, and ammunition, and various artillery of importance-all to the hands of the Yankees. We was without rations for three days, and when we did get something to eat, ti was parched corn. And then in another day or so we killed a beef. Everyone skinned his own piece and boiled it on the coals-eat hearty without bread, it being perfectly fresh without salt. I never did eat hearty before in my life. I can say I have seen the elephant. I thought I would tremble to face the broad mouthed cannon. I send you $5.00 by John Clark. If we stay here, which I have no idea but what we will, I want you to come and see me. It won't take more than $5.00 to come. You can ride here in three days. If you don't come, be sure and write, and tell Melviry that I am well. Tell her to write and write yourself.

N.L. Stone
To Solomon Stone


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