The Robert E. Lee

Camp 1640

Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.
of Memphis/Germantown, Tennessee

About the Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is dedicated to preserving the TRUE history and legacy of the Confederate Soldier, which is very different from what is taught in the current politically correct world we live in. The Confederate soldier won the admiration of the world by his courageous fight against an enemy that was bent on coercing them back into the Union and was overwhelming in numbers, equipment and implements of war. With very few exceptions they were volunteers who were simply defending their homeland from the invading army of a foreign power from which their states had legally and constitutionally seceded. In doing so, they did nothing differently than the 13 colonies did almost 100 years prior when they declared their independence from England.

The Confederate Soldier, similarly, was no different from soldiers of the Continental Army of the American Revolution. They were patriots and freedom fighters, who understood their call to duty as their ancestors had against the British. Although they were defeated, they left us traditions of faith in God, duty, honor, chivalry, and courage, and they left their family and descendants a heritage of glory for all time to come. However, the victor is the one who gets to write the history, and unfortunately a lot of reality and truth gets lost in tales of Federal glory and other propaganda that permeates textbooks, influences the writings of “historians” and teachings of university professors. Nobody likes to teach about the real reasons the Southern states seceded, the real reasons for war and especially not about atrocities committed on Southern civilians and Civil Servants - men, women, and children, black and white — who were put through incredible hardships and atrocities that don’t make it into the history books - their property stolen, homes burned, and many were killed in the defense thereof or in many cases for no reason at all, both during and after the war.

Aside from that, there is a conscious and motivated movement to denigrate the memory and reputation of the Confederate soldier, as well as the motives for his suffering, sacrifice and reasons for fighting. These are continually being tarnished and assaulted by some in an attempt to alter history to suit their own interests and support their narrative. When you add in the education issue, the problem exacerbates itself. If these efforts are successful, a unique and very important part of our nation’s cultural heritage and history will cease to exist. As descendants of these heroes, we work with civic organizations, schools, scouting groups and other historic preservation organizations to resist these efforts and preserve the Confederate Soldier’s good name and legacy of Duty, Honor, Integrity, and Chivalry.

The SCV is not linked to or affiliated with any other group, is not political or sectional, and rejects any group or individual whose actions tarnish or distort the image of the Confederate Soldier, the flags he fought under or his reasons for fighting. Please contact us HERE for further information, or visit the SCV’s web site at

"The Confederate Soldiers were our kinfolk and our heroes. We testify to the country our enduring fidelity to their memory. We commemorate their valor and devotion. There were some things that were NOT surrendered at Appomattox. We did not surrender our rights and history; nor was it one of the conditions of surrender that unfriendly lips should be suffered to tell the story of that war or that unfriendly hands should write the epitaphs of the Confederate dead. We have the right to teach our children the true history of the war, the causes that led up to it and the principles involved."
Tennessee Senator Edward Ward Carmack