"Days on the Farm" at the Sam Davis Home
Compatriot Richard Rust Sets up his campsite demonstration.

Compatriot Richard Rust in his campsite.

Compatriots Leon Dodd, Zach Malpass, Brian Hornal and Richard Rust

An article by Compatriot Richard Rust that appeard in the Sam Davis SCV Camp 1293 Newsletter about the "Days on the Farm" event.

"Days on the Farm" at the Sam Davis Home


The two-day “Days on the Farm” event just held at the Sam Davis home was a tremendous success for the SCV. More significant than showing Confederate camp life to approximately 1,000 school children, several hundred chaperons, and other adult visitors was having the opportunity to teach segments of our cultural heritage which are taught rarely, if at all. Especially important was their seeing and hearing about four battle flags with religious overtones and two representing American Indian tribes that fought with the Confederate Army. Our being present at this event is certain to have given the SCV exposure that will reap direct and indirect benefits.

On both days, we were told by different people involved with running the event that they had gotten several positive comments about our set up and presentation. Many spectators told the staff what a good job we did. Twice the staff--including the director of the home--told us that our segment of the event was the best they had ever had. As we were packing up on the last day, we were thanked over and over again for participating and were told that we just had to be a regular part of the event every year. What a great endorsement for the cause.

I want to thank Bryant Hornal, from Sam Davis Camp 1293, for demonstrating how to make a minie ball, showing how to load a musket, and helping repack everything on the first day. He is a natural born teacher even though he doesn’t realize it. Also helping on the first day was Zack Malpass from Murfreesboro Camp 33. He did an excellent job talking to everyone about his uniform and equipment. For most of the second day, Todd Gober, also from the Murfreesboro camp, told about the duties of an officer. A special thanks goes to Leon Dodd, from the Sam Davis Camp, for giving a highly informative artifact program, which the ladies especially enjoyed. Leon was also invaluable in setting the camp up on the first day, repacking both days, and breaking down the camp on the second day.

It was a good to have been a part of this event,

Richard Rust Cpt. E.D. Baxter 2034, Fairview
Sam Davis 1293, Brentwood (associate)



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