Confederate Graves In The Fairview Area
Hudgins Cemetery
Pvt. Jonathan Monroe Anglin Co. D 9th TN. Cav. Battn, Pvt. William Macie Sullivan Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Abraham Spencer Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Wiley P. Mangrum Co. H 20th TN. Inf., Pvt. William J. Hudgins Co. D 23rd TN. Inf Battn., Pvt. J.P. Cobb Co. C 27th Ark. Inf., Pvt. William A. Vaughn Co. A 4th TN. Cav. Reg.

Jane Jones Cemetery
Pvt. Willian H. Bethshears Baxter's Battery, Corp. John F. Rainey Co. C 48th TN. Inf.(Voorhies), Pvt. Griffith Reese Co. K 11th TN. Inf. Reg.

Aden-Cunningham Cemetery
Pvt. John F. Cunningham Baxter's Battery

Chester Cemetery
Pvt. John Chester 20th TN. Inf. & McNairy's Scouts, Joseph Chester Co. D 49th TN. Inf.& McNairy's Scouts

Walker Cemetery
Pvt. George Washington Walker Co. A 48th TN. Inf. (Voorhies)

Beard Cemetery
Pvt. Vachel Barnhill Baxter's Battery

McPherson Cemetery
Pvt. William McPherson Baxter's Battery

Hall Cemetery
Pvt. James H. Hall Baxter's Battery

Joe & Sack Lampley Cemetery (Dickson Co.)
Sgt. James F.E. Buttrey Baxter's Battery , Corp Pleasant L. Griffin Co. D 48th TN. Inf.(Voorhies)

Jack Lampley Cemetery (Dickson Co,)
Pvt. Andrew Jackson Lampley Baxter's Battery, Pvt. James Monroe Buttrey Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Tillman Lankford Baxter's Battery

White Cemetery (Dickson Co)
Sgt. Aaron P. Beard Baxter's Battery, Co. B 24th TN. Inf & 3rd TN. Vol. Inf. Mexican War, Pvt James Polk White Baxter's Battery, Pvt. William White Co. K 11th TN. Infantry, Lt. Joshia Tidwell Co. K 11th TN. Inf. Pvt. William G.D. Buttrey Baxter's Battery & McNairy's Scouts

Parker-Fowlkes Cemetery (Dickson Co)
Sgt. Arter R. Lankford Baxter's Battery, Corp Hiram Spencer Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Thomas J. Parker Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Dillard Lankford Baxter's Battery, Corp. Daniel White Baxter's Battery, Pvt. John T. Groves Baxter's Battery

Martin-Garton Cemetery (Dickson Co.)
Pvt. Martin Garton McNairy's Scouts, Pvt. John S. Welch Co. K 11th TN. Inf, Pvt. John Dillard Baxter's Battery, Pvt. Moses Garton Co. E 11th TN. Inf., Pvt. Ed Garton Co. D 49th TN. Inf., Pvt. James F. Myatt Co. C 24th TN Sharpshooters Battalion

Jordan Cemetery (Dickson Co)
Pvt. Wesley Welch Baxter's Battery

Meeks Cemetery (Dickson Co.)
Lt. Moses Meeks Co. K 11th TN. Inf

Tomlinson Cemetery (Dickson Co)
Pvt Radford T. Lampley Baxter's Battery

Hammon Cemetery (Dickson Co.)
Pvt. Samuel Hammond Co. K 11th TN. Inf.

Tidwell New Hope Cemetery (Hickman Co.)
Pvt. Levi J. Tidwell Co. E 3rd TN. Cav. Reg. Pvt. Martin Van Buren Pendergrass Co. I 42nd TN. Inf.

Green Cemetery (Hickman Co.)
Corp Albert Green Baxter's Battery



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