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Image of Original Columbia U.C.V. Banner that belonged to the Leonidas Polk Bivouac #3 and William Henry Trousdale Camp #495





The Samuel R. Watkins Camp’s main purpose is to maintain and defend Confederate Heritage and perpetuate the memory of the Southern Confederate soldier who fought during the American Civil War (War Between the States [1861-1865]).
  The Camp is strictly a patriotic, historical, educational, benevolent, non-political, and non-sectarian entity bound by its by-laws and governed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Constitution.
  Membership is open to any male 12 years of age and older who can show decent (Collateral or Lineal) from a Confederate Soldier who served honorably.

  If these attributes and ideals appeal to you, we encourage you to be a part of us.

Former foes shaking hands at the Battle of Gettysburg's 50th Anniversary Reunion, 1913


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