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Muster Roll of Ferguson's Company

Champ Ferguson
Capt. Champ Ferguson, C.S.A

Contributed by John German

A muster roll of Champ Ferguson's company was "captured" near Ferguson's White County home in August of 1864 by a Union force commanded by Captain Rufus Dowdy. After the war, at Ferguson's trial, Dowdy testified, "I got hold of some blanks in form of a muster roll and payroll with some names written on it. I got it out there in the woods near Ferguson's house... It was in a box packed up in the hollow of a chestnut tree. The box was held up by some poles punched up the hollow of the tree, and when the boys pulled the poles out the box fell down... I found three sheets or I and some others did." Dowdy did not know who got the other two sheets, but now having made his own peace with Ferguson, Dowdy gave his sheet to Ferguson's lawyers.

This muster roll, labeled "Document 'P' ", is attached to the trial case file at the National Archives. According to the roll, all members of the company were enlisted on Nov. 19th '62 in Overton Co. for a period of 3 years. Ferguson was enlisted by John H. Morgan and all others by Ferguson. The handwritting, which is not Ferguson's, is difficult to decipher, and some of the names have been obliterated by folding and deterioration.

Champ Fergerson, Capt.
H. W. Sublet, 1st Lt.
A. H. Foster, 2d Lt.
W. R. Latham, 3d Lt.
G. W. Twiford, Ordly. Sgt.
R. H. Philpott, 2d Sgt.
- F--t--- , 3d Sgt.
F. Burchet, 4th Sgt.
E. Crabtree, 1st Cpl.
W. W. Parker, 2d Cpl.
J. Holsopple, 3d Cpl.
A. Heldreth, 4th Cpl.
Ard, R. S.
Aberson, John
Braswell, H. D.
Burchett, R. A.
Barnes, W.
Barnes, J. M.
Barnes, Francis
Barton, B. P.
Berry, B. W.
Boston, G. W.
Barnes, James M.
Brooks, John
Bellen[w?], A.
Burk, John
Bradley, S. I.
Cogher, W. H.
Cowain, J. T.
Denton, John
Elder, John
Franklin, Jeff
Frost, F.
Franklin, I. M.
Franklin, Sheby
Gregry, John
Grayham, Durham
Grisham, O. H.
Guinn, S. T.
Horsup, John
Hickey, B[enson?]
Haynes, John
Holsopple, W.
Johnson, H.
Jones, John
Jones, T. S.
Kelly, Thomas
McGinas, J. H.
Moles, Hansel
Marchbanks, C.
McGee, J. M.
Orness[?], Silvers
Owens, J. B.
Pruet, Henry
Pagett, S. M.
Potter, M. A.
Petage, W. W.
Ritchinson, R. H.
Rumen[?], I.
Rigney, G. W.
Russel, Fount
Shelton, T. A
Smith, J. T.
Singleton, J. S.
Sharp, D. E.
Talent, I.
Taylor, John
Taylor, C. N.
Taylor, A. J.
Turpin[?], E-------
Troxdale, Granvill
Vaughn, G. B.
Vann, T. C.
Wheeler, Silas
Wade, John

At the trial, Captain Dowdy offered these additional comments about this roster: "Here is Sublett, one who was represented as First Lieutenant. Abner Hildreth, 4th Corporal, was one of my neighbors; I understand him to be one of Ferguson's men. Richard Burchett is represented on the roll as being killed in June, 1863, in Wayne County, Kentucky, when in fact he was killed in October, 1862, in Clinton County, Kentucky. I was along when he was killed. Burchett was killed before Ferguson appears in the roll as having been mustered, and such is my recollection. I knew J. T. Smith who is represented on this roll as having been killed about July 12, 1863; I understood him to be one of Ferguson's men. I know A. H. Foster; he was regarded as Second Lieutenant in Ferguson's company. I also know W. R. Latham who is put down as Third Lieutenant; he was regarded as a Lieutenant in Ferguson's company. G. W. Twifford told me he was Orderly Sergeant. I knew Philpot; he belonged to Ferguson's company. Some few of the men I didn't know. Most of them I do know and they were reported belonging to Ferguson's company."

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