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Robert Sanford Holman

R. S. Holman Pictured in 1906 holding his grandson, Rayburn Willis Qualls, is Robert Sanford Holman of Company C, 49th Tennessee Infantry. Born in Springfield, Robertson County, in 1842, Holman served until released from the prison at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois after the close of the war. The following chronology and Mr. Holman's post-war memoirs were supplied by his great-grandson, Rayburn Willis Qualls, Jr.

Nov. 25, 1861 Joined Company C 49th Tennessee Regiment, at Springfield Tennessee

Dec. 24 49th Tennessee was organized at Fort Donaldson.

Feb. 9, 1862 Under Brigadier General G.J.Pillow, the 30th, 49th, and 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiments were formed.

Feb. 16 Battle of Fort Donaldson, 300 effectives, 21 killed. Surrendered and was captured.

Feb. 20 Enlisted men sent to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois.

Aug. 1 Muster roll of Company H, Baileys Consolidated Regiment 49th Tennessee Infantry.

Sep. 5 Roll of Prisoners of War, Camp Douglas sent to Vicksburg, Mississippi for exchange.

Sep.17 Privates exchanged at Vicksburg.

Sep. 20 Roll of Prisoners of War. 804 on board Steamer, Jno. H. Done. Vicksburg.

Sep. 24 Muster Roll Dec. 24, 1961 to Sep. 24, 1862, Company C, 49th Tennessee.

Sep. 26 Released on parole at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Sep.29 49th Regiment reorganized at Clinton, Mississippi, under Col. James E. Bailey.

Oct. 9 Started to Corinth, Mississippi , got only to Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Oct. 26 Ordered to Meridian, Mississippi, but went to Camp Moore, Louisiana.

Oct. 27 Arrived at Port Hudson, Louisiana.

Nov. 10 Declared exchanged at Clinton Mississippi camp of exchanged prisoners.

Jan. 7, 1863 At Port Hudson Brigade formed of 42nd, 46th, 48th, 49th, 50th, 53rd, and 55th Tennessee Regiments.

Mar. 14 Port Hudson, sustained severe bombardment by Commodore Farragut.

Apr. 6 Left Port Hudson for Jackson, Mississippi by way of Brookhaven in Lorings Division arriving after Grant had captured Jackson, Mississippi.

Jul. 10 to 16 Fighting around Jackson, Mississippi.

Sep. 1 Col. W. A. Quarles later Brigadier General, forms Quarles Brigade at Mobile, Alabama. Remained Quarles Brigade from that time on.

Oct. 20 Company Muster Roll Mobile, Alabama H. V. Harrison's Company H, 49th Tennessee Regiment.

Oct. 29 From Mobile, ordered to Missionary Ridge, arrived after the battle.

Nov. 24 Arrived Missionary Ridge, ordered into battle, it was too late, as our army had been defeated.

Nov. 26 Ordered to Army of Tennessee in Dalton, Georgia.

Dec.14 Fell back to Dalton, Georgia. 180 effectives, 227 present, 220 arms.

Jan. 14, 1864 Ordered back to Mobile.

Jan. 21 Arrived Mobile Alabama from Dalton, Georgia.

Apr. 2 At Mobile, Alabama. Reports 183 effective 286 present.

May 13 Battle of Resaca, Georgia.

May 15 Battle of Resaca ends.

May 27 Joined Joseph E. Johnston at New Hope Church, 49th engaged there and at Pine Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Smyrna Depot, Peachtree Creek, and Lick Skillet Road.

May 28 49th at Lick Skillet Road, almost every officer killed or wounded.

Jun.15 Battle of Pine Mountain.

Jun. 16 Receipt roll of clothing.

Jun. 28 Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

Jun. 30 49th reports to Army of Mississippi, Loring Brigade, Walthall Division in Georgia.

Jul. 4 Battle of Smyrna Depot.

Jul. 10 Lieutenant General A.P. Stewart forms Walthalls Division, Stewart's Corp.

Jul. 20 Battle of Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Georgia.

Jul. 28 Battle of Lick Skillet Road, Atlanta. Losses greatest of any engagement in the war unless in Franklin. Quarles Brigade, going into battle 913; killed, 76; wounded, 400; missing, 19; total 495.

Jul. 28 Battle of Ezra Church.

Nov. 30 49th in battle of Franklin. Maj. Thos. M. Atkins in command. 21 officers killed, 20 wounded, 36 missing.

Dec. 10 Captain Austin M. Duncan Commands 42nd, 46th, 49th, 53rd, and 55th Regiments.

Dec. 15 Battle of Nashville, Tennessee on Hoods left at Granny White Pike.

Dec. 16 Roll of Prisoners of War captured by Thomas' Union Army.

Dec. 18 Roll of Prisoners of War forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky.

Dec. 20 Roll of Prisoners of War Louisville, discharged to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois.

Dec 21 Roll of Prisoners of War, arrived military prison, Louisville Kentucky.

Dec. 23 Roll of Prisoners of War received Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois from Louisville, Kentucky.

Apr. 9, 1865 49th Regiment not accounted for in final roll of Gen. Johnston's army.

May 4 Oath of Allegiance subscribed and sworn at Camp Douglas. Returns to Springfield, Tennessee from Chicago, Illinois.

1936 Died in Springfield, Tennessee.

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